The Pure Desire team has put together a list of excellent resources for you to review, grouped by their potential audience. The more knowledge and awareness you have on the subject of sexual addiction, the more you can grow in your personal understanding and grow in your ability to minister to others. These resources include internet accountability software; materials to guide your family or group; and our logo, a brochure, and promo videos to introduce Pure Desire to your church.

Resources for Parents

Parental Resources

Family Values Exercise

PD Group Materials

Addictive Hot Spots

Developing a Pure Desire Ministry

Faster Scale and Check-In Sheet

Referral Criteria

Love Addiction Evaluation

Memo of Understanding

Memo of Understanding: Video Groups

Memo of Understanding: Teen Groups

Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST)

Pursuing Your Wife

Betrayal & Beyond Letter

2015 Accountability App User's Guide

PD Videos

Pure Desire Promo

PD University Promo

Partnership with James and Teri Craft

James and Teri Craft

James and Teri Craft, authors of Exposed and founders of The Novus Project, are passionate about educating the next generation on the consequences of explicit material upon relationships, personal health, and society at large. They speak out about preventing the relationally damaging effects of media misuse and pornography and engage students, families, and schools through awareness, tools, and support.

Partnership with KingdomWorks Studios

KingdomWorks Studios

Pure Desire worked with KingdomWorks Studios to create the Conquer Series, a cinematic teaching series on sexual purity. KingdomWorks Studios exists to help further God’s Kingdom here on Earth through the medium of film. In their years of serving God through film, they’ve been blessed to see some of the fruits of their work in men, women and children whose lives God has touched and transformed.

Partnership with CovenantEyes

CovenantEyes: Internet Accountability and Filtering

Pure Desire partners with CovenantEyes internet accountability software. When you sign up using the promotional code "puredesire", you get your first month free AND 20% of your fee goes to supporting Pure Desire. We recommend CovenantEyes to those struggling with sexual addiction. Click on this link or the banner above for more information.

It is important to note that CE doesn’t support Chromebook devices and that iPhones and iPads must be correctly configured with the help of an accountability partner. The main feature for those struggling is the detail of the accountability report. Basic plans with CE start at $9.99/month.

Partnership with Accountable2You

Accountable2You: Internet and Computer Accountability

Pure Desire also partners with Accountable2You internet accountability software. When you sign up through our affiliate link, 15% of your fee goes to supporting Pure Desire. We recommend Accountable2You to parents wanting accountability for their families and businesses. Click on this link or the banner above for more information.

Although the accountability reporting is not as comprehensive as CE, AU does log all web and app data. The main feature for families that AU offers is coverage on all devices (Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, and Android). Basic plans with CE start at $4.99/month.

Not sure which accountability software is right for you? Read our 2015 Accountability App User's Guide.

Promo Materials

PD Logo Pack

Resources Brochure