Regional Group Leaders (RGLs) are trusted leaders, reliable and representative of Pure Desire’s values and practices. RGLs train and develop volunteer Group Leaders in their region and are responsible to support those leaders and the structure by which the region operates. RGLs demonstrate and administer Pure Desire Group Best Practices and standards within the organization’s policies and procedures. They provide the leadership, innovation, and stability necessary for consistent improvement, while ensuring a positive and gracious approach to groups.

Men's RGLs

If you do not see a Men's Regional Group Leader for your area, please contact Rich Moore at 503.489.0230 option 5 or

Central Region

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan

Paul Zunker |

Dave Howe |

Midwest Region

Kentucky, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri

Bert Moore |

Northwest-1 Region

Washington, Alaska

John Mitterholzer |

Northwest-3 Region


David Marleau |

Northwest-4 Region

Northern Idaho, Montana

Joe McCarthy |

Northwest-5 Region

Southern Idaho, Nevada

Rockford Ruddy |

Southeast Region

Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia

Michael Moffitt

Southwest-1 Region

Northern California, Hawaii

Marvin Kajikawa |

Southwest-3 Region

Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming

Jason Karsten

South Region

Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana

Ernie Chambers |

Prison Ministry / Re-entry

United States

Scott Patterson |


All Provinces and Territories

Jony Pearson


Australia, South Korea, Mexico

Rich Moore |

Online Groups


Michael McKibbin

Women's RGLs

If you do not see a Women's Regional Group Leader for your area, please contact Ashley Jameson at 503.489.0230 option 5 or

Central Region

Kentucky, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansa, Louisiana, Mississippi

Jackie Chambers |

North Central Region

Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska

Janet Friesen |

East Region

New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida

Ashley Jameson |

Northeast Region

Pennsylvania, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana

Mary Pleckham |

Northwest-1 Region

Oregon; Hawaii; Alaska; British Columbia, Canada

Janet Carey |

Northwest-2 Region


Arlene Mitterholzer |

Northwest-3 Region

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Brianna McCarthy |

Southwest-1 Region

California, New Mexico

Shawna Rench |

Southwest-2 Region

Nevada, Arizona, Utah

Marlene Dietrich |

Online Groups


Sarah Peters |