Parenting With Purpose

by Ernie Chambers July 26, 2017

Being a parent who is in recovery from addictive behaviors can be a real challenge when we have children who are aware of what's happening in and around our life. Having to intentionally live with a purpose in demonstrating real, genuine transformation, is critical in these times we live in as we are scrutinized with every attempt at doing the right thing. I want to share with you some tools, some strategies that I currently use to help me sustain a life of walking in purity as a parent in recovery, while trying be an example for my children so that they won't fall prey to the same devices I fell for growing up. 

I want to take a look at Family Culture and History; looking at the Communication between our children and us as parents to see how we can develop a verbal communication line directly to where they are in their lives at every age; I also want to share how we as parents in recovery can be intentional  in our involvement with our children with social media activities; and the big one-being an influence and not the interference in helping our children understand healthy sexuality. 

These are critical in helping our children, no matter what age they are, even into their adult lives, that we speak into them as influencers and be partakers, contributors to bringing wisdom and understanding to their thoughts when the world is filling their minds with compromise and promiscuity. By affectively communicating positive, real life experiences that our children can see and learn from will help them make sound, quality decisions that will keep them from falling into the hands of the enemy of our souls. 

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