Parenting With Purpose

by Ernie Chambers August 10, 2017

Take it from a man in recovery from addictive behaviors, parenting can be a real challenge; especially when our children are aware of what's happening in and around our lives. The scrutiny of parenting is tough, even when we attempt to do the right thing. It is critical that we live intentionally—purposely demonstrating real and genuine transformation.

As parents in recovery, it is important that we learn effective tools and strategies necessary to walk in purity, while setting an example for our children. We need to protect them from the behaviors and devices that promote addictive behavior.

In Parenting With Purpose, we will look at family culture and history, and the role it plays in our communication style:

  • The way we communicate with our children, and
  • Developing a communication style that meets them where they’re at

Additionally, we will discuss how parents in recovery can be involved with our children’s social media activities and positively influencing their understanding of healthy sexuality.

When the world is filling their minds with compromise and promiscuity, as parents, we need to offer wisdom, empathy and grace to our children; no matter their age, even into their adult years. Effectively communicating positive, real life experiences that our children can observe and learn from will help them make informed decisions, and keep them from falling into the hand of the enemy.

Join me at the Pure Desire Men’s Conference, where you will discover the value and reward of Parenting With Purpose.

If you'd like to hear Ernie's session, sign up here for our Men's Conference!

Ernie Chambers

Ernie is a Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Specialist, a Lay-Pastor over Sexual Integrity Ministries, and a Regional Groups Leader for Pure Desire. Ernie and his wife lead Pure Desire groups at their church in Texas.

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