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Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame

Discover how your church, small group, and home can become a safe place for broken people, even you.

What if the church was a place where it was okay to not be okay? What if the church made people feel safe? What if, rather than avoiding the church and isolating in our pain and brokenness, we chose to be with others who would point us toward God?

Becoming a safe place will rarely happen by accident. It must be created by those who know the way; those who have walked a path of grace and know how to call others down that same road. Safe: Creating a Culture of Grace in a Climate of Shame provides the practical steps and tools needed to revive a passion for grace in the body of Christ.

Through remarkable stories and biblical truths, Nick Stumbo provides the practical application steps necessary to revive the body of Christ—rejuvenate the lives of men and women, rebuild relationships, and restore families.
Josh McDowell

In this candid book, Nick reveals a pathway for true change. If you’re looking to take your relationship to a deeper level, read this book.
Les Parrott, PhD