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Digital Natives Book Study

An excellent overview of how the Internet is influencing this young generation and how it will influence generations to follow. It gives very helpful and practical resources to use in ministry and in the family. Most importantly, it helps the reader understand how he or she can have a positive impact in teaching kids, teenagers, and young adults healthy Internet use.David B.
We will never be able to get rid of the internet or ignore it completely. So we must find ways to use it in a positive way without being sucked into the dangerous habits it creates. This book helps with that.Patrick F.
An interesting and practical book that helps parents understand the internet, the development of their teen's brain, and how to help their teen use the internet in a healthy and God-honoring way.Ben P.

In the online world we live in, parents are asking the question, “How do I protect my kids from the Internet?” Through this eight-week study, parents will begin to understand that they are asking the wrong question. By diving into the depth of what the Internet truly is, how it functions, and ways to handle it in healthy ways, the Digital Natives Book Study will equip parents with the knowledge, tools, and practical application necessary to raise healthy online children.

The Digital Natives Kit, including both the book and the book study, is also available for only $20.