The Conquer Series was created by KingdomWorks Studios, in partnership with Pure Desire and featuring Dr. Ted Roberts, and has been instrumental in raising awareness to the detrimental effects of sexual addiction. For many men, it was the on-ramp that led them to a Pure Desire Seven Pillars of Freedom group, where they discovered lasting change and healing.

KingdomWorks has released a streaming platform called SoulRefiner, which is available through an individual or church membership subscription

Online Streaming: Visit the SoulRefiner Website

Before you go – Here’s some helpful information:

If you choose to utilize the SoulRefiner streaming platform, the Conquer Series Study Guides (Volume 1 & Volume 2), Journal, and Leader’s Guide will continue to be available through our store as a supplement to the platform.

If you are looking for other on-ramp resources to raise awareness and help men and women find lasting freedom, Pure Desire offers several options:

Stories for Men Book Study: this collection of Stories for Men provides insight into the lives of men who have struggled with sexual addiction and an understanding of the way isolation, shame, and loss accompany addictive behavior. This is a six-week study.

Stories for Women Book Study: this collection of Stories for Women provides a unique approach to understanding the way sexual addiction impacts individual lives. Women from all seasons of life have taken on the challenge of writing their inspirational stories. This is a six-week study.

Join a Pure Desire online group: led by trained and vetted leaders, this provides a safe, confidential place for men and women to process their life story and find healing.

Develop a Pure Desire ministry: use this step-by-step guide to develop a healing ministry for men and women who struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors and for those who have experienced betrayal.

Connect with a Regional Group Advisor: Regional Group Advisors (RGAs) are trusted leaders, reliable and representative of Pure Desire’s values and practices. RGAs train and develop volunteer Group Leaders. They have been where you are and know the ins-and-outs of starting Pure Desire groups.