This NEW, two-day live virtual conference is for all Pure Desire group members and leaders. It’s for men and women who want to experience a deeper level of healing on their journey toward freedom and restoration.

  • Are you planning to join a Pure Desire group?
  • Are you a new Pure Desire group member?
  • Are you planning to lead or co-lead a Pure Desire group?
  • Are you a current Pure Desire group leader?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Pure Desire Groups Conference is for you!

It’s for anyone who wants to create an effective group experience—for themselves or others—that helps men and women break free from unwanted sexual behaviors, process trauma, and heal from betrayal.

If you want an engaging group experience and/or want to learn how to better help others discover a life free from unwanted sexual behavior, this is for you!

Event Information

Pure Desire Virtual Groups Conference
March 5-6, 2021


Schedule TBA


$59 ($79 after February 4th)

Session Information

Session 01. Address the Mess

So much of our healing is about leaning into the pain, not running from it. How do we grow in our ability to allow God’s view of us to shape our identity? Learn how our healing journey continues to change after one year of group.

Session 02. Our Changing Brain

Learn how our brain actually changes as we put new behaviors in place. What does this look like one or two years after group and beyond? Understanding potential pitfalls and how to guard against reverting to an unhealthy mindset is key to having a healthy brain.

Session 03. Relationships in Crisis

It can be challenging to navigate and use the group tools while in the midst of betrayal trauma. Discover how trauma physiologically impacts the brain and body, the difference between honesty and disclosure during recovery, and how to effectively use group tools for optimal and lasting health.

Session 04. Maximizing Your Group Experience

Joining a Pure Desire group is a brave step. And at the same time, many people wonder: “Will this lead to recovery?” Or, “Will I find the support I need?” Discover some of the best practices for having a group experience that leads to lasting health: how to get the most out of your homework, deal with difficult emotions and triggers, and readjust your behaviors for sustainable health.

Session 05. Effective Group Leadership

When leading a Pure Desire group, there is so much to know! Dealing with legal issues, divorced or separated group members, tough situations, and even tougher group members…it’s a lot. Gain a deeper understanding of how to start, run, and finish the group well.

Session 06. Internal Family Systems & Recovery

An important part of our healing journey comes from understanding our internal parts—our subpersonalities that are often in conflict with each other. This includes our need to hear, understand, and heal the critic within. Learn the value of replacing negative messages with self-compassion.

Session 07. Healthy Sexuality—Part 1

We all want to experience healthy sex in marriage. Understanding the brain and sexual responses in males and females is a great first step! Learn how to talk about sex with your spouse/future spouse, recognize and reframe your expectations about sex and sexuality, and get tips on how to establish healthy sexuality.

Session 08. Healthy Sexuality—Part 2

Through the process of recovery and healing, we learn what healthy sexuality looks like. How do we take this a step further and create healthy expectations of sex in our marriage? Learn how to identify your expectations, how sexual anorexia affects men and women, and how to experience a deeper level of sexual intimacy during recovery.

Session 09. Freedom for the Long Haul

If we want to experience sustainable, lasting change, we need to develop a realistic and holistic approach to healing. This includes addressing our primary stressors with health and maturity, creating appropriate boundaries, and implementing a self-care plan. Learn how to find lasting health so we can pass it on to future generations.