Get Counseling Materials

Please select the materials below to order the resources that will be used in your counseling sessions and assigned for homework. Refer to your Recommended Course of Care for the list of materials that you are required to have. If you already have any of the recommended materials, you do not need to purchase a duplicate copy.

  • Facing Heartbreak

    Pure Desire

    Peace Beyond the Tears

    Sexy Christians

    Recovery Zone

    Betrayal & Beyond

    Genesis Process

    Seven Pillars of Freedom



    Living Free

    Resource Packet (Hard Copy)

    Eight Pillars of Freedom

    Untangling Relationships

    Facing the Shadow

    Breaking the Cycle

    Daring Greatly Workbook

    Rising Strong

    Act on Life, Not on Anger



    Hope For Men

    Behind The Mask

    Top Gun

    Altogether You