Pre-requisite: Completed Seven Pillars of Freedom

The Compassionate Warrior

The Compassionate Warrior is specifically designed for men who have completed Seven Pillars of Freedom or Living Free. This resource is intended to take men deeper in their healing: deeper in relationship with God, with the people they love, with their family and friends, and even with themselves. This journey is holistic. It will address aspects of what they need to be healthy in several areas of their lives: physically, emotionally, relationally, sexually, and spiritually. The Workbook includes the weekly lessons; the Weekly Tools includes the FASTER Scale, Commitment to Change, Group Check In, and other tools to help men develop emotional and relational health.

This 20-lesson course will meet for about 8 months with a weekly 2-hour meeting.

What can you expect in an online group?

Want more info on what to expect in an Online Group? Check out this podcast. If you still have questions after listening to that, ask your question by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 503-489-0230. *Please be aware that after group begins, we are unable to offer any refunds for group.*

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