Living Free Online Group

Specifically designed for college-aged men (18-26 Single Men), Living Free identifies the underlying factors that create and reinforce compulsive sexual behavior. Intended for a small group and planned around a semester system, Living Free combines clinical data and biblical truths to create the foundation for lifelong healing and freedom. The Living Free Journal is a companion resource that reinforces the daily commitment to health through several foundational tools: The Commitment to Change identifies challenges or needed change and accountability for change The FASTER Scale raises awareness of the behaviors that lead to relapse The Group Check-In provides weekly self-reflection while moving toward health This course will meet for approximately 16 weeks with a weekly 2-hour meeting.

What can you expect in an online group?

Want more info on what to expect in an Online Group? Check out this podcast. If you still have questions after listening to that, ask your question by emailing us at [email protected] or calling 503-489-0230. *Please be aware that after group begins, we are unable to offer any refunds for group.*

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