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Thank you for your interest in hosting a Pure Desire event! Pure Desire is devoted to promoting God’s Word and its long-term effectiveness in dealing with sexual brokenness. The enemy desires a life of condemnation for us, marked by a polluted and unclean conscience. That is why learning how to walk by faith and trusting God’s Word lived out in community is the key to freedom. All people can benefit from a deeper understanding of this issue and what a real path to healing truly looks like.

A Pure Desire event provides a profound and effective message of hope: equipping men and women to lead others in their fight for sexual freedom, and offering training on the factors that perpetuate addictive behavior and the tools necessary to develop a healing ministry in their church and community.

We offer three types of events at Pure Desire:

PD Conference (PD-C)

The PD-C is a two-day conference designed to raise an awareness of the factors that create and reinforce unhealthy sexual behavior. It provides a comprehensive understanding and the tools required to develop a healing ministry that offers hope and freedom to men, women, students, and families.

Cost: Download the Hosting A PD-C Brochure for specific information regarding cost and logistics.

PD-C Preview

The PD-C Preview gives you a glimpse of the training sessions offered in the Pure Desire Conference (PD-C). The PD-C Preview provides a better understanding of the role the brain plays in addictive behavior as well as insight into an approach of healing that works.

Cost: $3,300 plus travel for a team of three. This cost includes one weekend service and two PD-C Preview sessions. Each additional service costs $300.

Weekend Services

A Pure Desire speaker will address the topic of how sexual addiction is impacting the church and how to develop a culture of grace around this growing issue.

Cost: $2,000 for one weekend service and travel for a team of two, plus $300 for each additional service. If booked with a PD-C or PD-C Preview, the cost is $300 per service.

Learn More About Pure Desire Events

Video from An Event Host

Cal Rychener, Founder & Senior Pastor of Northwoods Community Church, talks through the value and benefit of hosting a PD Conference at your church.

Podcast About Church Hurdles

We talk to Rodney Wright, pastor at Lake City Church in Idaho, about the struggles and hurdles pastors face when addressing sexual addiction in their church. We discuss what level of pastoral involvement is appropriate, why sexual addiction is a taboo topic, and why it is so important to have groups for people struggling in the church.

Podcast About FAQ #1

We talk through Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we hear at our PD Conferences. The questions on today’s episode cover topics like the neurochemistry of addiction, same-sex attraction, group struggles, identifying the problem in your church, and more.