Affiliate Treatment Provider

Pure Desire Ministries International (PD) is a biblically-based and clinically-informed ministry committed to true revival in the church through the healing of the present-day epidemic of sexual bondage. Affiliate counselors work alongside PD offering services for couples, families, and individuals struggling with sexual addiction and more.

PD Affiliate Treatment Provider Criteria

1   Be a CSAT/PSAP certified counselor or be in the process of completing certification having at least two of the modules finished.

2   Faithfully use the PD materials as a supplement to the Recovery Start Kit, so as to assist the client to integrate the healing they are experiencing into their Christian faith.

3   Do not react to the theological stance that the Bible defines any sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage as sin. This is critical in helping pastors who may have engaged in homosexual behavior in the past. It is not to engender shame, but to help them process their actions in light of their faith.

4   Encourage the growth of Pure Desire groups in the local church to facilitate support for the men and leaders in the congregation who are struggling.

5   Be able to work with a couple if the client is married; using Pure Desire materials for the wife to facilitate the healing process from the start. It is also recommended that the husband and wife be involved in Pure Desire small groups. The points requiring the use of Pure Desire materials are not in any way saying they are the only effective materials available from a Christian perspective. It is instead a requirement of the denomination to use the PD materials, because they are familiar with them and trust them theologically.

6   Complete an initial video consulting session with Dr. Ted and, thereafter, an annual review.

7   Each client is to submit to an evaluation of the process. When completed, a copy is submitted by the treatment provider to Pure Desire and appropriate denominational officials.

8   The most important requirement is that the treatment provider has the ability to work effectively with denominational officials and has a passion for the local church’s healing. This ability may be tested at times, because of the chasm that unfortunately exists between the clergy and the clinical community at times.

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