Ted has been a personal friend of mine for over fifteen years, and is absolutely one of the most effective communicators I know. His pastoral leadership at East Hill Church in Gresham, Oregon was legendary to the view of many. There’s a reason: a “good-sense heart” is what I call it. It’s the kind of thing that reveals itself as the result of his commitment to providing practical, contemporary answers, rooted in the timeless and trustworthy pages of Scripture, to today’s struggles.

So, meet my friend, Ted Roberts. Count on discoveries that will bring fruitfulness and durability to your life: fulfillment in one of today’s most environmentally threatened areas – human sexuality. It’s just one of many subjects on which he’s effective in ministering help.

Jack W. Hayford, Pastor/President

The King’s Seminary | Van Nuys, California

This is a most important ministry. Ted Roberts does a masterful job of reminding us that the Church is filled with people who struggle with sexual addictions and pornography. He shows us that it’s possible to take a positive and hopeful approach to dealing with one of the most damaging addictions in the world.

Jim Burns, Ph.D.

President, National Institute of Youth Ministry | San Juan Capistrano, California

Ted Roberts has demonstrated faithfulness, integrity, compassion, and wisdom as a sexual addiction therapist in our region. His long-standing pursuit of purity for a culture set on impurity has been courageous. Pure Desire is especially beneficial for the pastoral leader or counselor, and those struggling with any level of impurity.

Frank Damazio

Portland, Oregon

Pure Desire is a must for every pastor who has experienced sexual temptation or works with men who are struggling with an addiction to sex or sexually explicit material. If you want to help strengthen marriages and families in your congregation, look into this ministry and find practical help that will release grace and the power of Christ through you and healing to your people.

Dr. Jerry Kirk

President, Pure Hope | Co-chairman, Religious Alliance Against Pornography

I have prayed with multitudes of brokenhearted wives whose Christian husbands have sexual addictions. It is a very real problem within the Church today. This bold ministry will equip churches to offer hope and healing to these men and their wives. I recommend Pure Desire to those hurting families.

Quinn Sherrer

Co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Getting Through Tough Times

Sexual addiction in the Church is more prevalent than most people have ever thought. Yet, there are too few resources which adequately deal with this heartbreaking issue. Ted Robert’s uniquely biblical approach to healing and hope make this ministry a great asset to both the struggler and the helper.

Dr. John Townsend

Co-author of Boundaries | Co-founder, Cloud-Townsend Communications

As a fighter pilot in Vietnam, Ted Roberts didn’t shy away from battle. As a pastor, clinical sexual addiction therapist, and author, I am not surprised to find him on the front lines of a major spiritual battle. Sexual addiction isn’t a minor skirmish being fought by a few in the Church; it’s a life-or-death struggle faced by many. If you’re serious about protecting yourself from falling, or ready to help God’s people face this issue and finally find God’s hope and healing, then get involved in this ministry!

John Trent Ph.D.

President, Encouraging Words | Phoenix, Arizona

Pure Desire is a must for those who need insight and practical tools that will help them lead others to sexual health and fulfillment. Dr. Ted Roberts has simplified complex clinical concepts about sexual addiction, offering sound advice through self-revealing and captivating stories, minus any platitudes. I have seen these principles in action within the church body, and they work! This message is timely. You’ll want to absorb all you can – and then spread the word.

Pam Vredevelt

Author and Licensed Profession Counselor | Gresham, Oregon

I love Ted Roberts. Ted’s do-or-die commitment to honesty and the church’s “swallow-hard-here-we-go” followers are changing people. Together, Ted genuinely embodies the church's motto of “being Christ’s hands extended to a hurting world.” Pure Desire is an open-hearted approach to freedom from the sexual addiction that is so destructively rampant among Christian men. Don’t face this monster alone, guys! Here is hope and healing.

Stu Weber

Former Senior Pastor of Good Shepherd Church | Boring, Oregon