For Men

Are you tired of living with the shame of sexual sin? Are you exhausted from trying to overcome what seems like a life-long pattern of failure? There is hope!

Pure Desire has pioneered a path to purity by helping men, many of which are pastors and leaders, who struggle with sexual addiction. Our sex addiction professionals, supervised by Dr. Ted Roberts, are certified by the Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) founded by renowned therapist, Dr. Patrick Carnes. For twenty-five years, Pure Desire has been helping men find hope and freedom through biblical answers that produce lasting change!

Getting Started

We encourage you to take a look at our materials. Many men will start by reading Pure Desire, then joining a Seven Pillars of Freedom group. For those not sure if Seven Pillars is for them, or if they're ready for the eleven-month commitment it requires, five-week Conquer Series groups are a great to test the waters.

Please also read about the clinical treatment programs we offer and contact us for a complimentary, anonymous, commitment-free consultation. From there, we can determine which treatment program would be most helpful to you.

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