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The mind of a young woman is shaped many years before she is a teenager. By six years of age, brain patterns are created that determine who to trust, where to find love, and how to gain affirmation from others. Each life is set on a unique path based on environmental circumstances, family background, childhood abuse, stress in life, genetics, and basic instincts. These factors affect how you relate to others and behave sexually. Your story that began when you were born continues to shape your journey into adulthood.

As teens, most of us are caught in the middle of a seemingly impossible task of reconciling who we want to be and who we are. We have goals and good intentions, but somewhere along the way we fall short of what we want out of life and who we want to become. If while growing up you did not receive what you needed to feel safe, loved, and valued, you likely have created a mask or false identity that doesn’t match your true, inner self. Over time, the mask will define your identity, and the person God created you to be will hidden from view.

If you are struggling with wounds from the past that have left you vulnerable to unhealthy relational patterns, including compulsive sexual behavior, there is hope! Pure Desire provides resources to help you become aware of the life you have lived, take inventory of your present situation, and help you discern where healthy patterns of living can be developed. We can help you learn how to meet your needs in healthy ways that allow you to trust God and let Him heal your heart.

Getting Started

We encourage you to join a Behind the Mask group, which will help you process through your past, be healed through Christ, and write a new story of hope and freedom.


Most books written for young men from a Christian perspective have one primary focus: preventing young men from ever engaging in premarital sexual activity. If you are a young man, age fifteen to twenty-five, you are in the fight of your life both sexually and spiritually. There has never been a more difficult time for a young man to walk in sexual health. The fact is that most young men reading this now have already crossed the line sexually, in one way or another. Allow us to paint a brief picture of the battlefield:

  • The largest users of Internet porn are twelve to seventeen years old.
  • 46% of all high school students (freshmen through seniors) have had sexual intercourse.
  • Nearly 75% of graduating high school students have had sex.
  • More than half of teens ages fifteen through nineteen have engaged in oral sex.
  • Nearly half of all college students report having oral sex one or more times in the past thirty days.

Even for those who have managed to stay sexually healthy, the passage between fifteen and twenty-five is filled with physical, spiritual, and emotional dangers. Your opponent is an overload of sexual adversaries who intend to blow you out of the sky.

Pure Desire provides resources that will enable you, to not only survive these years with your character, heart for God, and sexual integrity intact, but to thrive. If you have already crossed the line sexually, there is hope! You can traverse this turbulent, exciting, and challenging period of your life and come out as a true man of God, equipped to love one woman deeply and passionately all the days of her life. Yes, men like this are rare. However, with God’s grace, we can help you become such a man.

Getting Started

We encourage you to join a Top Gun or teens' Conquer Series group, which will guide you in the battle for sexual health and purity.

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