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Has your life been shattered by the impact of betrayal and broken trust in your marriage? Has the foundation of what you thought was real been shaken to the core?

God desires to rebuild a foundation with truth and grace around your heart that will provide a covering of safety and protection. For this purpose, Pure Desire has designed a specific treatment program and small group curriculum for women who want to discover a new sense of hope, healing, restoration and healthy relationships.

Love/Sex Addiction

Sexual sin and struggle are not just men's problems. A growing number of women are caught in a lifestyle of unhealthy sexual behavior, and most do not recognize the behavior as an addiction. Love/sex addiction is real, and may manifest in one or more of the following ways:

  • Having sex as a means to feel loved
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Inappropriate sexual relationships
  • Pornography use
  • A history of short, failed relationships where sex is the primary bond
  • Repeatedly returning to a partner who is abusive, neglectful, or emotionally unavailable

At Pure Desire, we can help facilitate healing for women (and their spouses) who have experienced love/sex addiction and the underlying issues that precipitate the destructive lifestyle. Whether you feel like the woman caught in adultery and lying in shame at the feet of Jesus, or the woman at the well thirsting for relationships that truly quench, you are not alone. Pure Desire can help.

Getting Started

We encourage you to join a Betrayal & Beyond group if your husband is struggling with sex addiction. These groups will help you to process your pain, find healing, and set healthy boundaries in the future.

If you are struggling with sex or love addiction, please look into joining a Eight Pillars to Freedom group. These groups will walk you through your addiction to freedom within a safe environment.

An anonymous and no charge consultation is available to you. Please call the Pure Desire office at 503.489.0230 to schedule a confidential appointment to learn more.

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