Greetings and welcome to the new PD Newsletter!

The purpose of the new PD Newsletter is to encourage and support communication, connection, and community within the network of PD group facilitators. The PD Newsletter is designed as a quick and efficient read. Topics presented will cover a wide range of issues, from starting a group, to managing the group dynamics, to understanding the recovery materials, to launching new leaders and new idea implementation.

You’ll notice a couple of other features: The Q&A section is designed to encourage questions from you. The email questions will be answered and published in the PD Newsletter. There is also a Spotlight section, which will focus on one individual in the PD community who provides value to the community. Finally, there’s an Inspiration section designed to provide a deeper point of connection, spiritually or relationally.

The PD Newsletter will be written and distributed from the PD offices in Gresham, Oregon, to the boots-on-the-ground leaders of PD groups. So whether you’re new and unsure of how to proceed or you have been leading groups for years, the goal is to provide insight, understanding, and support. Your input is always welcomed and valued. Please contact the PD Newsletter staff anytime at

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