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PD Conference

Pure Desire is called to advance the message of restoration and healing in the church body of Jesus Christ. Through the Pure Desire Conference (PD-C), men and women will come to understand the harmful impact of sexual addiction and be inspired to engage in the fight for healthy sexuality in the home and community.

The PD-C is a two-day event designed to raise an awareness of the factors that create and reinforce unhealthy sexual behavior. It provides a comprehensive understanding and the tools required to develop a healing ministry that offers hope and freedom to men, women, students, and families. Topics include:

Culture of Grace

The woman at the well, the tax collector, the adulterous woman and the condemning Pharisees: servants and leaders, the poor and the wealthy, all had encounters with Jesus and were transformed by His grace. For our church to prosper we must establish, as Christ did, a Culture of Grace.

Renewing the Mind

Romans 12:2 instructs: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” How is it possible to unlock the unhealthy habitual responses and learn new methods? Renewing the Mind requires identifying unhealthy patterns and integrating new experiences that are positive, productive, and restorative.

Establishing Sobriety

For real sobriety to take hold, one must acquire a new set of tools to combat old behavioral patterns. Establishing Sobriety provides a foundational strategy for overcoming unhealthy response patterns. The biblically sound and clinically-proven concepts are designed to help people break free from the cycle of addiction and relapse.

Group Dynamics

In our culture, most people do not have close friends who know their entire story and will be there at a moments’ notice. Our society demands autonomy and encourages isolation, but God calls us into relationship. Group Dynamics instructs how to form and lead a group that provides a safe place of acceptance and restoration.

Family Dynamics

All marriages have their ups and downs, but nothing tests the strength of the relationship like sexual addiction. Building a foundation for marriage on forgiveness, trust, and intimacy is possible, but only with God. Family Dynamics provides biblical strategies and practical tools for developing healthy sexuality within marriage.

Men’s/Women’s Breakout

Do you have questions about sexual addiction, but feel reluctant to discuss it in a large group? Many individuals, including both the addict and their spouse, have questions, comments, and concerns about sexual addiction, but don’t know how, or who, to ask. Join our panel of experts in a small-group discussion—one for men and one for women—regarding those hard-to-ask questions.

Healing Woundedness

To experience true healing, one must look to the source of the original wounding. A “band-aid” approach to healing only promotes temporary relief, as woundedness often resides in the soul. Healing Woundedness presents a practical approach to accessing, cleansing, and ultimately healing the wound.