PD Marriages

Let’s face it: marriage isn’t easy. In a world of numerous options and instant gratification, a lifelong commitment to love another human being through thick and thin can seem impossible. We all struggle with communication, sex, finances, and in-laws. With all of the pressure on us and the brokenness within us, is a mutually-fulfilling relationship even possible? It is!

At Pure Desire Marriages, your church body will encounter tools for the fun and rewarding work that leads to the true biblical intimacy God wants for them. Whether married or engaged, attendees are encouraged to come and discover the hidden enemies of their relationships and what to do about them. They will learn to speak their spouses’ language without losing who they are. Real passion and joyful intimacy can thrive in their marriages! Don’t miss this opportunity for your church members to laugh, learn, wrestle, and grow as they connect with their spouses on this beautiful, God-ordained journey.


The Purpose for Marriage

Learn the definition of intimacy and understand how marriage is a tool to shape us, as described in Ephesians. God gave you your spouse to make you more like him. Recognize false ideas for the purpose of marriage (i.e. to make me happy).

Communication Breakdown

Identify where and when communication breaks down, along with effective strategies for sharing your emotions and sexual desires deeply and openly.

Your Brain on Sex

What happens when you connect with someone or something else? Understand God’s design of the brain and how healthy sexual intimacy bonds us, while unhealthy sexual expression creates confusion in the brain. Gain a roadmap for changing your brain.

Hidden Enemies

Identify the hidden enemies in your marriage and craft a plan for overcoming them together. Discover and heal unresolved anger, your past, and your own fallenness.

The Passionate Couple

See the flaws in the cheap imitation of intimacy and sex the world gives us. Learn tools to develop real intimacy and experience great sex in your marriage. Restore passion and energy to your marriage, no matter your age.

Separate Men’s and Women’s Q&A Sessions

Ask gender-specific questions in a safe environment.

A Marriage of Grace

Learn to accept your spouse for who they are, not who you think they should be. See the difference that grace makes in the way we treat each other and together move toward an identity rooted in Christ.