Most pastors who struggle with sex addiction feel like prisoners of war in their own churches. They are engaged in a battle they cannot win alone, but feel that they have no choice but to fight in isolation. Secluded by shame and fearful they may lose employment, a career, and possibly God’s call on their lives, most pastors and leaders who struggle with sexual issues do not seek help.

The Pure Desire (PD) POW Program is specifically designed to encourage pastors and leaders to seek healing and restoration before inappropriate sexual behavior occurs. The church cannot experience true freedom until pastors and leaders are released from the bondage of sex addiction. The church must rise to the occasion to win this war.

Pure Desire Ministries International has designed a proactive approach to pastoral care through partnerships with church denominations, districts, and para-church organizations to avoid catastrophic events related to sexual moral failure. Through the PD POW Program, pastors and church leaders will experience support, healing, and restoration.

For more information about the POW Program, contact Nick Stumbo at 503.489.0230 or nicks@puredesire.org.



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