Pure Desire Leaders

If you are part of PD Leaders and wish to receive advise anonymously, please call (503) 489-4815.

A Partnership of Support, Healing, & Restoration

57% of pastors admit to struggling with pornography.1

30% of pastors report they have had an affair or a sexual encounter with a parishioner.2

77% of pastors feel they do not have a good marriage.2

Many church leaders who struggle with sexual sin feel like prisoners of war in their own churches. They are engaged in a conflict they cannot resolve alone, but feel they have no choice. They battle in isolation, secluded by shame and fearful that they may lose their family, employment, career, and possibly God’s calling on their lives. Most church leaders who struggle with sexual issues do not seek help. Pure Desire Ministries exists to help the church address the unspoken truth of sexual addiction within society and the church community.

Through a full complement of resource materials, treatment options, partnership opportunities, and conference presentations, Pure Desire is positioned as a leader in providing Christ-centered recovery options for those ensnared in love or sexual addiction.

Why PD Leaders?

Dave Veach

Foursquare District Supervisor

We all have pastors that face difficulties from time to time...How in the world are we going to help pastors stay pure in the midst of this culture with brokenness and pain all around? Well, Pure Desire has been just that for us...When they (pastors) have stumbled, when they’ve gotten themselves into some difficult situations, we don’t want to discard them. We want to see them completely restored in the ministry that the Lord has called them to and not allow the enemy to have his way in their lives. So, they (PD) are able to help us see them restored…I encourage you to partner with them as well.

Nick Stumbo

Executive Director, Pure Desire Ministries

Six years ago, I was stuck in a horrible binge-purge pattern of addiction to pornography. It was destroying my marriage, draining the life from my ministry, and undermining my faith. I entered PD Leaders with great fear and skepticism, but I can honestly say that this was the most life-altering experience of my entire life. What I learned about myself and how I processed pain, combined with biblical wisdom and encouragement, set me on a path of true freedom. My only regret is that I didn’t find this program sooner. I would have been saved from years of heartache and crippling shame! I cannot recommend this program highly enough to any and every pastor struggling with sexual issues. You can be truly and fully free!

Rocky Rocholl

President, FEC Ministries

FEC’s partnership with Pure Desire has been a great positive step for our denomination. Since we are committed to starting and establishing healthy churches, we needed a way to protect and provide a safe place for our church leaders to find help and healing for their own struggles, while also providing resources for them to use to help those struggling in their congregations. I especially appreciate that the PD Leaders training and follow-up care is flexible and applicable for the wide spectrum of churches throughout our fellowship. It has even served to encourage our churches to work closer together to address the hidden issues that can often be ignored because they are uncomfortable and embarrassing. But whether a church plant; small, rural congregation; or megachurch; PD Leaders is helping us deal with the root causes of the behaviors that can keep us from living the life of freedom that God intended for each of us.

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