POW Benefits

  • Training Conference Participation

PD offers complimentary attendance to one PD Conference leadership conference per year for POW Program pastors and leaders. All POW Program staff pastors and leaders may attend at any scheduled US location. If a local venue is preferred, POW participants may opt to host a conference event, as PD’s schedule allows.

  • Consultation

PD provides ongoing consultation to POW Program participants and will help develop an amnesty policy outlining commitment to a pastor or employee who is seeking help with their sexual behavior.

  • Clinical Evaluation Process

Prior to entering treatment, all prospective Pure Desire clients are required to participate in the assessment and evaluation process. The assessments include the Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI-R), Post-Traumatic Stress Index (PTSI-R), and the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA). The assessment data and subsequent two-hour evaluation by a PD clinician will provide the prospective client with a clear understanding of the range and scope of the problematic sexual behavior and the recommended course of treatment.

  • Clinical Counseling

The PD Clinical Treatment Program is an eleven-month, task-centered program designed to provide a clinical framework for assessment and treatment of sex addiction within the framework of sound biblical principles. In treatment, the individual learns to identify, manage, and self-regulate unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to overcome sex addiction and to subsequently re-enter close relationships as a more healthy and complete person.

  • Anonymous Access to Clinicians and Therapists

PD provides POW Program participants with our anonymous, toll-free phone number or email, for those who may want to seek advice.

  • Progress Reports

Supervisors will receive three scheduled progress reports for their pastors and leaders during their eleven-month clinical treatment.

  • Ministry Leader Evaluation

Pure Desire incorporates industry leading personal profile assessment resources that are administered anonymously through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and Psychological Publications, Inc. The information gathered has proven useful when adding to a ministry team.

  • A Guide to Recovery

PD presents Beyond the Valley, a guide that provides a recommended course of action for managing the restoration process of a pastor or leader who has experienced sexual moral failure.

From the Heart of a Supervisor

We all have pastors that face difficulties from time to time... How in the world are we going to help pastors stay pure in the midst of this culture with brokenness and pain all around? Well, Pure Desire has been just that for us... When they (pastors) have stumbled, when they’ve gotten themselves into some difficult situations, we don’t want to discard them. We want to see them completely restored in the ministry that the Lord has called them to and not allow the enemy to have his way in their lives. So, they (PD) are able to help us see them restored… I encourage you to partner with them as well.

Dave Veach | Foursquare District Supervisor



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