The Pure Desire team has put together a list of excellent resources for you to review, grouped by their potential audience. The more knowledge and awareness you have on the subject of sexual addiction, the more you can grow in your personal understanding and grow in your ability to minister to others. These resources include internet accountability software; materials to guide your family or group; and our logo, a brochure, and promo videos to introduce Pure Desire to your church.

Resources for Parents

Parental Resources

Family Values Exercise

PD Group Materials

Addictive Hot Spots

Developing a Pure Desire Ministry

Faster Scale and Check-In Sheet

Referral Criteria

Love Addiction Evaluation

Memo of Understanding

Memo of Understanding: Video Groups

Memo of Understanding: Teen Groups

Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST)

Pursuing Your Wife

Betrayal & Beyond Letter

2015 Accountability App User's Guide

PD Videos

Pure Desire Promo

PD University Promo