Restored Speakers and Sessions

Janie Lacy

Janie Lacy is a nationally known psychotherapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. She is also a respected television commentator and founder of Life Counseling Solutions in Maitland, Florida. For almost 10 years she has been enriching lives through her psychotherapy work and brings credibility and expert knowledge to audiences via on-air appearances.

Jackie Chambers

Jackie is a professional hairstylist, Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist, and PD Regional Group Leader. She and her husband, Ernie, lead sexual integrity recovery groups and are marriage mentors in Cedar Hill, TX. They were introduced to Pure Desire over 10 years ago through their own testimony. Her goal is to offer healing to marriages and to expose the lies and shame that hinder sexual redemption.

Tina Harris

Tina is the proud mother of six daughters, the wife of a brave and godly man, and founder of Rooftop Health and Fitness in Texas. Tina is a frequent speaker at women’s conferences, passionate to empower women to see themselves as God sees them and to let them know they are not alone in whatever they experience.

Rebecca Vander Meer

Rebecca has been involved in ministry since 2008. Rebecca is currently serving as the small group trainer for the Spanish community, as well as the translator and point of contact for the Spanish-speaking population. Rebecca serves as a Co-Clinician with her husband Robert on the PD Treatment Team. Rebecca has been connected to PD since 2009.

Heather Kolb

Heather is an Adjunct Professor at Central Oregon Community College, teaching both Criminal Justice and Psychology courses in Redmond and Madras Oregon. She has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, in Criminal Behavior from Tiffin University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon. Heather is also an editor who has contributed to many Pure Desire publications.

Ashley Jameson

Ashley shines as a mentor and teacher. Since age 16, Ashley has polished her leadership skills in ministry with people of all ages. Ashley and her husband have experienced, firsthand, the restoration that Pure Desire offers. As a result, Ashley has become passionate in her support of PD. In 2013 Ashley introduced and began facilitating PD groups in her church. In addition, Ashley now trains up new group facilitators.

Debby Flanagan

Debby has served in various ministry roles since 1994, and is now serving as a clinician on the PD Treatment Team. Debby is a licensed pastor with a certification as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional (PSAP) through IITAP. Debby is passionate and very effective in working with couples who seek reconciliation, and in treatment areas related to: sex addiction recovery, partner trauma treatment, female love/sex addiction, and codependency issues.

Shari Chinchen

Shari’s experience in the fields of education (1987), performing arts ministry (1991), children’s ministry (2007), and as a Betrayal & Beyond facilitator (2011) uniquely qualify her as a Co-Clinician with Tyler Chinchen. Shari’s professional roles include: Educational Diagnostician, Learning Specialist, Adjunct Instructor at Portland State University, and Classroom Teacher at the largest high school in Oregon. Shari has been a member of the PD treatment team since 2012.

Cultivating Authentic Relationships - Jackie Chambers

God designed us to be in relationships. However, relationships can be scary; they can be destructive, hurtful, and traumatic. In Cultivating Authentic Relationships learn how being honest and vulnerable can provide a foundation for building healthy relationships in your life.

Practicing Self-Care - Tina Harris

With the daily challenges facing many women, healthy self-care is often the last thing on their list. Practicing Self-Care invites you to experience who God created you to be by lowering your stress levels through relaxation and breathing exercises. Discover how to practically apply healthy self-care in an engaging environment.

Creating Healthy Boundaries - Rebecca Vander Meer

Establishing boundaries is not about isolating ourselves from others; it is not about keeping people out of our lives. In Creating Healthy Boundaries learn how to increase your ability to care for others by forming healthy boundaries.

Understanding the Neurochemistry of Addiction - Heather Kolb

Understanding the Neurochemistry of Addiction provides an overview of the biological, biblical, psychological, and social aspects of sexually addictive behavior, as well as hope for transformation and renewing the mind.

Navigating Family Systems Issues - Ashley Jameson

We are all a product of our childhood environment—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It affects our marriages, the relationship we have with our spouse, and even the way we parent. Navigating Family Systems Issues provides the training and tools needed to break generational curses, so you can begin to experience generations of blessing in your family.

Discovering Healthy Intimacy - Debby Flanagan

Discovering Healthy Intimacy will help you understand how unmet needs, attachment injuries, false beliefs, and shame contribute to addiction in women, while providing practical application tools that will bring about hope and healing.

Leading Groups - Shari Chinchen

For many women, picking up the mantle of group leadership can seem overwhelming. We may question our ability to support hurting women, or we may feel incapable of managing the many details involved in such an endeavor. Leading Groups will provide a foundation for developing leadership skills and establishing a healthy group dynamic where women will receive grace and hope as they begin their healing journey.

Parenting the Adolescent Brain - Heather Kolb

What is it that makes a teen so emotional, irrational, and out of control? It’s not hormones. It’s their brain. Parenting the Adolescent Brain will provide an overview of what’s really going on in a teen’s brain that contributes to their behavior and practical tools to foster a healthy relationship with your teen.