Ashley Jameson

Ashley Jameson

International Women’s Groups Coordinator

As a living testament to the healing power of God’s grace and the ministry of Pure Desire, Ashley Jameson shares her expertise and personal story of triumph and restoration.

Reeling from the devastation and erosion of their marriage, due to a pornography addiction, Ashley and her husband, Jon, found Pure Desire. In His sovereignty, God brought them to the right place, at the right time: Lake City Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Today, just four years later, their church is thriving and providing Pure Desire groups for men, women, and youth. Marriages have been renewed. Families have been restored. The power of their ministry has breached the walls of their church, impacting their community and beyond.

As the International Women’s Groups Coordinator for Pure Desire, Ashley provides leadership and training to their Regional Group Leaders (RGLs) throughout the country. She has been instrumental in training new leaders to advance the message of hope and healing in the Church and community. Ashley’s transparency is refreshing; her love for Jesus contagious.

Heather Kolb

Heather Kolb

Author / Editor

Lifelong healing from addiction comes from a renewing of your mind. From her experience as a college professor, Heather Kolb offers her expertise in the areas of neurochemistry, brain development, and trauma, helping individuals understand the physiology and environmental factors that influence addictive behavior.

During the dissolution of her first marriage, Heather developed an eating disorder that almost destroyed her life. She thought she could control her addiction, but was terribly wrong. Through 20 months of intensive counseling, she discovered the lies that perpetuated her addiction and the truth that set her free.

Today, as a speaker, author, and editor for Pure Desire, Heather believes that true healing comes through an awareness of the behaviors that keep people trapped in their addiction: understanding that neural pathways in their brain reinforce their behaviors. Restructuring those neural pathways is key to finding freedom.

Heather is an advocate for the uniqueness of Pure Desire—that it offers a perspective of science and statistical data that is laid over a foundation of biblical truth. She is passionate about helping others find freedom through education, knowledge, and grace. Heather’s teaching is engaging, reflecting a heart for hope and transformation.

Jackie Chambers

Jackie Chambers

Regional Group Leader

Submitting to God’s will can be a challenge, and Jackie Chambers has experienced, up close and personal, the reward of waiting on her Heavenly Father.

After 18 years of marriage, Jackie was ready to call it quits. Her marriage, ravaged by sexual addiction, lies, and deceit, was on the brink of destruction. During a short separation, personal counseling, and healing, the Lord softened Jackie’s heart for her husband, their marriage, and the restoration of their family.

Today, Jackie and her husband, Ernie, have celebrated 33 years of marriage and are going strong. They are still growing and loving one another at a level they never knew existed.

Jackie is a Regional Group Leader (RGL) for Pure Desire. At her church in Cedar Hill, Texas, her and her husband lead and oversee multiple Pure Desire groups, with more than 80 participants each week. She is a Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Specialist, providing intervention, counseling, and spiritual advice for those struggling with sexual integrity. Her and her husband also serve as marriage mentors, helping couples find restoration in their marriage.

Jackie has a heart for people and a passion for sharing her story so that others will find hope and healing in their marriage.

Nick Stumbo

Nick Stumbo

Executive Director

As a third-generation pastor, Nick Stumbo started his ministry career at the East Hills Alliance Church in Kelso, Washington. Serving as their lead pastor for more than a decade, Nick observed the fallout of sexual brokenness and devastation in the lives of men and women in the church and recognized, like never before, the need for a culture of grace in the Church.

Confronted with his own addiction to pornography, Nick and his wife, Michelle, found hope and healing through the counseling and group ministries of Pure Desire. It radically changed their lives! His public disclosure to his church body lead to a revival of forgiveness and healing, launching Pure Desire groups—of hope and freedom—for men and women.

Following his healing, Nick stayed connected to Pure Desire through group leadership and has authored two books, Setting Us Free and Safe. Today, as the Executive Director for Pure Desire, Nick continues to believe that the Church can become a place of healing and that Pure Desire is leading the way. His passion for the Church and this ministry is evident.