Weekend Service: Katy, TX

Pure Desire is devoted to promoting God’s Word and its long-term effectiveness in dealing with sexual brokenness. The enemy desires a life of condemnation for us, marked by a polluted and unclean conscience. That is why learning how to walk by faith and trusting God's Word lived out in community is the key to freedom. All people can benefit from a deeper understanding of this issue and what a real path to healing truly looks like.

Join us for the weekend service at Life Church in Katy, TX on August 19th and learn how sexual addiction is impacting the church and how to develop a culture of grace around this growing issue.


Life Church

Free Admission

Service at 10:00 am

August 19, 2018

If you are interested in bringing Pure Desire to your weekend services, contact our Events Team at events@puredesire.org.