1. Denise keiffer

    Enjoy the podcast

  2. David Guy Sr

    Thank you for Generational Curses podcast. Thank you Ted and Dianne Roberts. I heard Dianne state: Recognize who God Called you to be? and pray: How do I become the person God called me to be? What were the results with adult children? Did you pray these prayers with your adult children? How did they respond? What did Adult children decide to do differently after they asked God “who did God call me to be?” For Ted: What did your adult children say when you said? I want to listen to you? I want this to be a safe place to communicate your hurts? How do you recognize that the adult children are: “Insecure of who they are?” Thank you for your assistance in advance

  3. David Guy Sr

    Thank you for Podcast #114. It was at times very difficult to hear conversation from Dr. Ted Roberts, and sometimes from Mrs. Diane Roberts. Would it be possible to move the microphone closer to Dr. Ted Roberts, and to Mrs. Diane Roberts? Could you move the mic further away from Trevor and Nick because they speak quite loud. Thank you very much.

  4. Elizabeth Claire George

    I loved this podcast and y’alls ministry! I also found it hard to heard Ted and would have to crank up the volume to hear him. Then would have to quickly turn down the volume for the others speaking? Is there a way to move his mic closer and turn down yalls?

  5. Michael

    Great podcast. You mentioned that there was an evaluation test for family of origin. Where can I get a copy and take this test?

  6. Michelle

    More about the FACES instrument, which is a developed psychological field instrument, usually at cost but I did seem to find a version of it (last link):

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