Hope For Betrayed Men

Episode 210 July 13, 2021


  1. ToddB

    Most men won’t open up about this because society has deemed it so trivial. In most cases, what the man has done was “worse”. I can’t talk about my wife’s acting out because it doesn’t compare to what I did. How can that shame be processed/reconciled in the relationship when it’s not acknowledged?

    1. Rich Moore

      Hi Todd, Thank you for reaching out. Yes this can be a difficult thing to process, especially when it is not being acknowledged. I would love to talk with you if you have some time so we can go more in depth in the discussion. You can book a time the fits your availability here: https://rich-puredesireministries.youcanbook.me.


  2. Jeremy L

    I wish Rich would have shared more about his story. I think it would have been helpful to those betrayed.

  3. Becky

    Hello Nick, Trevor and Rich,

    Kudos for covering this topic as I believe that it is being sorely ignored in so-called “Christian Evangelical” circles. In my opinion, many secular forums and media are actually more balanced on this subject.

    However, I have to take issue with one notion that you put forward in this podcast: “Though it may not happen as often, men do experience betrayal trauma”.

    Why do you believe that “it doesn’t happen as often”? Are you merely gleaning anecdotal evidence from your counseling files with clients? What infidelity statistics are you referring to?

    I think that Rich mentioned on the podcast, that he believes instances of husbands being sexually or emotionally betrayed by their wives is actually much higher than the response rate because men tend to self-compartmentalize their emotional hurts and don’t reach out for help as often as women do. Wouldn’t that by itself skew infidelity numbers between husbands and wives?

    Actually, the rate of infidelity for men and women in the U.S. is sitting at about 60% for both genders. Women’s infidelity numbers have increased dramatically over the last several years primarily because of the growing numbers of women participating in the U.S. work force. Now, it seems that we have reached parity with men (unfortunately).

    If you’re not sure about this, please read this article from “Dear Peggy”. Peggy Vaughan is the author of the book the “Monogamy Myth” and an expert on the subject of infidelity in marriage relationships. Here is what she has to say about infidelity rates of men vs. women:


    Do you concur with her statistics and reasoning?

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