Sexual Abuse & The Fearless Series w/ Dr. James & Laura Reeves

Episode 207 June 22, 2021

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  1. Corrie

    I just want to reiterate what Laura said at the very end. Thank you. Thank you for truly caring enough to have a podcast about it Thank you for speaking with such compassion. Truly. When I feel heard, loved, cared about, believed, and worth it…..then I feel safe to share and safe to be vulnerable. Thank you for speaking so compassionately. I am fairly early on in my journey since discovery, and even here, 7 months in, I have been met with judgement and so much less compassion than I could imagine. Thank you for caring about women. Thank you for not judging or generalizing us all into some category or group. Thank you for your love. I hope to one day lead one of these groups. To sit and listen and cry and hug and truly be a first person entry-point for someone being brave enough to bare their soul. Love to you as hosts and to this dear couple who has taken time to share their hearts and their culture shifting ministry.

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