The Effects of Pornography w/ Josh McDowell

Episode 213 August 3, 2021


  1. [email protected]

    There were some really good points in this podcast, particularly about talking with your children early on and balancing the rules with a loving, safe relationship with them. But I can’t help but challenge his idea that what can help mitigate the use of pornography is “exciting sex” with your spouse. That really contradicts everything that I’ve heard and read at pure desire. I know that not everything a guest says is agreed-upon by pure desire. But that message just really negates all the information about it not being about sex and not being solved with sex either. I understand connection with a spouse in general can help. But sex itself isn’t the cure. It would have been nice to have that reinforced during that podcast. Of course connection can lead to more intimacy physically, but he alluded to the fact that that is the solution. We all know it starts with understanding childhood trauma as well. Just some feedback.

    1. Avatar photo Trevor Winsor

      Absolutely. A better sex life will not lead to a life free of sexual addiction. From our time with Josh, it seemed to be “part” of a holistic solution. It could totally come off as
      “the” solution. But we do know it’s much bigger than a good sex life. Thanks for calling this out. Good reminder on keeping focused on the true “why” of unwanted sexual behavior.

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