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God has called Pure Desire to address the silent factors that contribute to the devastation of marriage within the church community. For over 20 years, Pure Desire has developed programs and resources that incorporate scientific and statistical data and lay them over a foundation of biblical truth. We recognize that the results of childhood trauma, sexual behaviors, unhealthy communication, and associated struggles are a family systems issue. Our approach to healing is practical and applicable for daily life.

"Pure Desire brought our marriage back from the brink of disaster. Our healing process helped connect difficulties from our past to our current struggles and provided countless tools on how to look to God for true healing and the redemption of our marriage. Not only has our marriage forever changed, a generational curse has been broken and our children and future generations will be blessed as a result. We are on a bright new path: more in love and in tune with each other than ever before. We owe it all to the Lord for leading us to Pure Desire.” — JASON

"After disclosing my infidelity to my wife, we came to Pure Desire devastated and broken—it was a last ditch effort before divorce. Through the counseling and programs at Pure Desire, our marriage and family have been authentically restored. I have learned new skills to face the trauma and shame of my past; I am finally free from sexual addiction. My wife has learned new skills to heal from the deep wounds of my betrayal. We highly recommend Pure Desire and the grace-filled counseling teams and materials. I do not think we would be married, let alone happily married like we are today, without Pure Desire.” — TYLER

"Our experience with Pure Desire did exactly what this workbook title says: it built a bridge between us as a couple and between us and God. Once that bridge was built, the intimacy of connection rushed in like a flood. There is healing and restoration available in this process. As we learned to be vulnerable and connect, God showed up above and beyond our wildest dreams. We will never be the same again!” — PARIS & ALEXA

God designed marriage to reflect the love, passion, and intimacy He has for us. He wants the very best for you and your marriage. These couples discovered proactive strategies—practical assessment and transformational tools—to build biblical intimacy from a neurological or “brain” perspective. Connected: Building a Bridge to Intimacy can do the same for your marriage.

This book was created to be used as a weekly study. You and your spouse should each have your own book and work through the lessons individually. Then, at a designated time, come together to discuss what you have learned about yourselves, each other, and your marriage. Through Connected, you will learn how to be intentional in your behavior toward your spouse, cultivating a relationship fueled by compassion, grace and love.