Going Deeper

Experiencing New Depths in the Holy Spirit

"I didn't have a clue... It was as if the experience had come out of another dimension. And it had. This was the realm of the Spirit, unknown territory for me."

A tough-talking, veteran fighter pilot named Ted Roberts had a lot to learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. So do most of us. We want to know God better. We want to go deeper...but how do we sort through the contradictory and sometimes extreme teachings in the church today?

Now a veteran pastor and author, Ted Roberts joins best-selling author Pam Vredevelt to walk you step by step through eight distinctive ministries of the Holy Spirit. He is the One who seals...reveals...unifies...empowers...releases...transforms...anoints...and wars for us against our spiritual enemies.

Let the Spirit lead you into experiential encounters with God...and teach you how to access the vast spiritual wealth that is yours in Christ Jesus. Ready for some adventure? Dive in!