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Betrayal & Beyond Workbook (2016 Edition)


How did he get this way? How can I tell if he is getting better? Can I ever trust him again? What do I do now? The Betrayal & Beyond Workbook was designed to answer these questions and more. Created to be experienced in a group setting, this resource provides valuable tools, biblical wisdom, and testimonies by courageous women who found hope, help, and encouragement through their personal journey.

Note: The Betrayal & Beyond Workbook is incomplete without the Betrayal & Beyond Journal.

1 review for Betrayal & Beyond Workbook (2016 Edition)

  1. Helen

    I am so grateful for Ted and Dianne Roberts and their ministry. I went through the very first version of this curriculum many years ago. We were desperate and didn’t know where to go when we found it. Changed my life. God met me there and I am so grateful. The curriculum has only gotten better and I have gone through it with other women since then. Each time I am blessed anew. Thank you Ted and Dianne for listening to the Father!

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