Sexy Christians DVD


Your marriage deserves the very best. God created the sexual relationship as an expression of His love—a beautiful, intimate picture of all He intends us to be. Christians have a distinct advantage over non-Christians when it comes to sexual fulfillment. However, most Christians don’t even remotely understand the truth of their potential as sexual beings.

Discover the keys to a healthy, satisfying sex life through the perfect T.O.U.C.H.:

Trust: Core of Growing Intimacy
Openness: Foundation of New Beginnings
Understanding: Key to Refining Our Hearts
Critical Conversations: Discussions That Matter
Honesty: Ultimate Challenge to Biblical Intimacy

True intimacy begins with an understanding of yourself, your spouse, and your relationship with God. It is only when Christian couples begin to move from their brokenness into discovering and experiencing the full beauty of what God has for them sexually, that it will truly change our world.

Whether you are married or single, understand what it means to walk in healthy sexuality as Sexy Christians: The Purpose, Power, and Passion of Biblical Intimacy.


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