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Sexy Christians Workbook


Oxymoron? Or words that redefine the way we live?

If you think the words sexy and Christians don’t belong in the same sentence, think again. God wants your marriage to be filled with joyful, sexy intimacy. Do you feel as though something’s missing from your relationship? Don’t give up! Having to work at marriage simply shows you’re on real person married to another.

The Sexy Christians Workbook was designed for you. Here you’ll encounter tools for the fun and rewarding work that leads to true, biblical intimacy. That’s the kind of passionate relationship for which God made you – and deep down, it’s the one you’ve always wanted, too.

Through five chapters organized around the acronym T.O.U.C.H., you and your spouse will discover the keys to a healthy, satisfying sex life – and more.

Trust: Core of Growing Intimacy
Openness: Foundation of New Beginnings
Understanding: Key to Refining Our Hearts
Critical Conversations: Discussions that Matter
Honesty: Ultimate Challenge to Biblical Intimacy

The Sexy Christians Workbook is designed for individuals, couples, and groups who want to get the most out of their marriages. This companion to the Sexy Christians book is packed with additional content and challenges you to take your relationship to a new and rewarding level. If you want to turn a difficult marriage into a great one – or a great marriage into an incredible one – this workbook is the place to start.

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1 review for Sexy Christians Workbook

  1. Danny

    Having gone through this workbook with my spouse helped me to better understand what an intimate relationship looked like. I can have a meaning and thoughful sexual realtionship (who knew!). Having Tedd and Diane lead the marriage siminar was outstanding. Hearing that we can have expectations and that its not a sin was great for me. Learning to have that discussion with my spouse was even better.

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