Stories for Women


Hope for the Addicted and the Betrayed

Sexual addiction is devastating no matter how you look at it. It is overwhelming to cope with the grief, shame, and guilt that result from your own addiction. Equally, it is grueling to live with the anger and shame that emerge from the betrayal of your spouse’s addiction. Regardless of the origin, families have been torn apart. Marriages have been destroyed. Women have been left feeling betrayed, hopeless, and alone.

This collection of Stories for Women provides a unique approach to understanding the way sexual addiction impacts individual lives. Women from all seasons of life have taken on the challenge of writing their inspirational stories. Each has courageously chosen to take back what the enemy has stolen from them.

God has a plan for your life: a plan to bring you out of the desolation to a place where you can begin to help others. At Pure Desire, it is our prayer that you will be encouraged and strengthened by Stories for Women.


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