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You may have experienced a season of uncertainty, isolated by your unwanted sexual behaviors or devastated by the trauma of betrayal; where there are thoughts and feelings lurking below the surface. But a new season of growth, rejuvenation, and hope awaits you.

When you engage in the healing process, diving into the unknown, it equips you to thrive: leaving your old behaviors in the past, experiencing abundant health and wholeness, and getting your life back.

Your health matters. As you invest in your healing, it changes you and impacts those around you. You learn how to navigate life differently. You develop new tools and strategies empowering you to face life head-on. It strengthens your relationships. It expands your perspective of yourself, God, and others. It inspires you to live and serve boldly through your identity in Christ.

For more than 30 years, Pure Desire has helped men and women around the world break free from sexual brokenness, heal the trauma of betrayal, and thrive beyond expectation.

Go below the surface with Sexual Health Experts

Experience powerful sessions which will ignite your spiritual, emotional, and relational growth.

Our speakers examine and bring to life the following topics and areas of expertise: Main session titles and speakers:

  • Why Go Below the Surface? – Nick Stumbo
  • Below the Surface: Bringing God’s Love to Our Deepest Parts – Jenna Riemersma
  • The Startling Key to Lasting Transformation – Jenna Riemersma
  • Grace & Truth – Keith Jenkins
  • Free To Thrive: The Seven Longings – Ben Bennett
  • Bold Intimacy – Rodney Wright

Breakout session titles and speakers:

  • Going To The Heart of the Matter: Helping Group Members go Deeper into Their Pain, Wounds, and Trauma – Groups Team
  • Below the Surface Marriage: Learning How to Really Talk and Connect with Your Spouse – Bill & Eileen Fagan
  • Emotions Below the Surface: Tools for Emotional Health – Robert Vander Meer
  • Emotionally Healthy Parenting: How to Help Our Kids Navigate Their Interior World – Rodney & Traci Wright
  • Deep Thoughts: Rewriting Our Negative Core Beliefs – Heather Kolb
  • A Sit-Down with the Executive Director – Nick Stumbo
  • What Lies Beneath Betrayal Trauma – Heather Kolb
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Digital Access Terms

What type of access is included with the digital course?

With digital access, the customer has unlimited streaming access to the video course from the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital course a download I keep and own?

The customer is not paying to own the digital course but to have unlimited access to it through their account on the Pure Desire website.

Is the digital version viewable through platforms like Vimeo?

The digital course is not available through any other streaming platforms. It is only viewable on the Pure Desire website. Nowhere else.

Do I have viewing rights for a certain length of time or number of views when purchasing the digital course?

The digital course includes unlimited and lifetime access. The customer can view it as many times as they want and will never lose access to the course.


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