Jackie Chambers

Submitting to God’s will can be a challenge, and Jackie Chambers has experienced, up close and personal, the reward of waiting on her Heavenly Father.

After 18 years of marriage, Jackie was ready to call it quits. Her marriage, ravaged by sexual addiction, lies, and deceit, was on the brink of destruction. During a short separation, personal counseling, and healing, the Lord softened Jackie’s heart for her husband, their marriage, and the restoration of their family.

Today, Jackie and her husband, Ernie, have celebrated 33 years of marriage and are going strong. They are still growing and loving one another at a level they never knew existed.

Jackie is a Regional Group Advisor (RGA) for Pure Desire. At her church in Cedar Hill, Texas, her and her husband lead and oversee multiple Pure Desire groups, with more than 80 participants each week. She is a Certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Specialist, providing intervention, counseling, and spiritual advice for those struggling with sexual integrity. Her and her husband also serve as marriage mentors, helping couples find restoration in their marriage.

Jackie has a heart for people and a passion for sharing her story so that others will find hope and healing in their marriage.