Robert Vander Meer

With 15 years of pastoral experience and a history of addiction, Robert Vander Meer knows the reality of being “in process.” Through his own sex addiction, Robert knows the destruction it brings to both ministry and marriage, realizing that our own healing brings about growth in the community around us.

Facing his own addiction and the failure of his first marriage, Robert sought healing through Pure Desire counseling. As he began to find healing, Robert and his wife, Rebecca, brought the message of hope and healing to Latin America, living as missionaries to the church.

Through years of hard work and dedication, Robert has found progress in his recovery and the blessings of a honest and healthy marriage, leading him and his wife to serve as Pastoral Sex Addiction Professionals (PSAPs) with Pure Desire.

As a speaker, writer, and clinician for Pure Desire, Robert is passionately devoted to helping men and women find lasting freedom from the grips of sexual addiction, bringing about healthy people and healthy marriages.