Program Overview

1. Evaluation Process

Prior to entering treatment, all prospective Pure Desire clients are required to participate in the Assessment and Evaluation Process. The assessment data and subsequent evaluation process will provide the treatment team and the prospective client with a clear understanding of the range and scope of the problematic sexual behavior and the recommended course of treatment. Twenty-four hours after paying for the evaluation, the client will receive an email including a registration form, a policy form, and assessment instructions. Below is a list and overview of each assessment and the evaluation process.

Sexual Dependency Inventory Revised 4.0 (SDI-R)

The SDI-R is a comprehensive questionnaire administered online and anonymously by a third-party provider. The SDI-R originates from a seven-year study of sex addicts and their spouses. Since the original study and findings, the instrument has been refined and updated multiple times based upon data collected from thousands of research participants. Integrated within the SDI-R are several supporting assessment instruments. They include evaluations for the following: Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST); sexual anorexia; collateral indicators; co-morbidity (dual addictions); consequences scales; Financial Cost Worksheet; readiness to change; and experiences in relationships.

Post Traumatic Stress Index-Revised (PTSI-R)

Scientific research suggests a direct correlation between an individual’s traumatic experience and the manifestation and presentation of addictive or compulsive coping behaviors. The PTSI-R provides a clear assessment of the client’s trauma reaction profile and identifies patterns that drive unhealthy responses when under stress, threat, or perceived threat. This data is useful for the clinician and the client to gain understanding of how the client’s reactions influence integration with certain people, places, things, activities, or events. The PTSI-R data helps guide the Pure Desire clinician to customize a treatment plan to address the core issues that drive the client’s unhealthy coping behaviors. The PTSI-R is administered online and anonymously by a third-party provider.

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA)

The T-JTA is a widely-used personality assessment instrument. The T-JTA measures eighteen dimensions of personality that are important components of personal adjustment and marital relationships. The T-JTA’s unique testing feature identifies pertinent differences within the marital relationship which help the clinician focus on the areas within the marital relationship that indicate areas of strength and areas that will require restructuring. The T-JTA is also a helpful assessment for singles identifying their interaction style with others. The T-JTA is administered online and anonymously by a third-party provider.

Evaluation Process

When the client has completed the assessments and the assessments have been processed (takes five to seven days), Pure Desire Client Care will contact the client to schedule an appointment for the evaluation session.

During the two-hour evaluation, the prospective client will meet with a Pure Desire clinician and co-clinician (if the client is married) to interpret and explain the assessment results and to answer any questions. In the case where a prospective client is married, Pure Desire strongly recommends that the prospective client’s spouse participants in the assessment, evaluation, and subsequent treatment process.

A clinical treatment recommendation will be suggested at the end of the evaluation session. In most cases, a recommendation to enter the PD program is offered. Other recommendations may include PD group work or inpatient treatment at a suggested treatment facility. Should the clinician recommend the PD treatment program, the treatment parameters, objectives, materials, goals, expectations, and client commitment level for success will be explained.

2. Recommended Course of Care (RCC)

Following the evaluation session, clients will receive a recommended treatment plan from Client Care outlining the clinician’s recommendations regarding treatment, duration, and resources.

3. Contract

In addition to the RTP, clients will receive a contract outlining financial responsibilities, including a monthly payment option. If you choose to engage in the recommended treatment, please complete the contract emailed to you from CudaSign*, and it will be electronically returned to Pure Desire Client Care. After receiving your signed contract, Client Care will contact you within twenty-four hours to set up your appointments with your counselor/clinician.

*CudaSign is a cloud-based provider of electronic signature and online notarization technology, developed in the United States. The company’s Software-as-a-Service platform enables individuals and businesses to sign, notarize, and manage documents from any computer with a legally-binding way to add signatures to electronic documents of all sorts with authenticity, non-repudiation, and data integrity. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to provide security to users.

4. Treatment Options

Treatment will involve one of the following recommendations:

PD Clinical Treatment Program

The PD Clinical Treatment Program is an outpatient program designed to provide a clinical framework for assessment and treatment of sex addiction. The program is a 12-month, task-centered treatment model delivered within the framework of sound Christian biblical principles. In treatment, the client learns to identify, manage, and self-regulate unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to overcome sex addiction and to subsequently re-enter close relationships as a more healthy and complete person. PD recommends that the client’s spouse participates in the treatment program. Within the context of a safe and supportive environment, the goal for the spouse is to understand and implement healthy boundaries while acquiring an awareness of their own woundedness, and to learn and apply methods of healthy and sustainable recovery. The spouse is assigned recovery materials and a designated PD clinician to assist in the healing process.

  • Single: $5,940 + Cost of Resources
  • Couple: $9,000 + Cost of Resources