3 Circles (Relapse Prevention Tool)

Episode 008 August 29, 2017


  1. Sarah Peters

    This is such a great podcast!
    Do you have a downloadable file with the 3 circles exercise? I would love to forward it to my leaders.

  2. Robert Harrison

    Some really great points including:
    1,) How do we prepare our kids for adulthood and more importantly for marriage and intimacy if we aren’t healthy ourselves?
    2.) Hugh Hefner has had more influence on our sexuality than the church has because Hugh Hefner talked about it while most churches don’t.
    3.) Our culture has taught us that we are on our own journey of healing but the bible teaches us that we heal in community.
    4.) Don’t want to bounce from one addiction to another addiction.
    5.) Lastly, it’s ok to cheat off of your neighbor’s paper when it comes to 3 circles.

  3. Hunterriley76@gmail.com

    Thank you for expressing things other than sexual arousal as behaviors! Super helpful for those who “act in” n the material focusing on out!

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