Domestic Abuse

Episode 189 February 16, 2021


  1. Robert Harrison

    Thanks for sharing this podcast. Some of my takeaways include:
    1. When people have secrets, control and manipulation is often the only way to hide one’s secrets.
    2. Ask yourself the question, “What makes this behavior make sense?” Try not to overreact to the behavior itself until you understand the full story that led you to where you are now.
    3. Ask questions like “How can I help YOU take certain steps” versus being a friend who goes on a crusade to try to fix it for the friend.
    4. Most abusers probably don’t want to be abusers. Be a friend who confronts your friend in love and encourages them to get the help they need to face their problem so that they can be the dad and husband that they truly want to be.

  2. Nick Stumbo

    Good stuff, Robert!

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