Full Disclosure

Episode 106 July 16, 2019


  1. Paul Sittser

    Just listened to the podcast. Rich Moore was not on this one. About two weeks ago, the older version played and the discussion also included discussion about a single person’s disclosure steps, preparation and format. My single guys need some help on how they should/ should not disclosure. I am requesting a PODCAST which would include the professionals speaking to a single person’s disclosure and their dating. When do they disclose or do they disclose. Thanks Paul Sittser

  2. David Guy Sr

    Request that you have podcast to include single men Disclosure. Also, who should the single man be weekly accountable to reporting that they are not acting out, and looking at sinful stuff. Next, should single man disclose to future father-in-law of the girl he is dating? Next, include for man who is divorced and single, and not dating, or remarried. If his former wife is willing how should he walk through the disclosure?

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