1. Jake cottrill

    When is the addicts recovery action plan supposed to be done? The workbook has it in the beginning but it doesn’t really have a good follow through plan in my opinion. Will there be a revised edition to the seven pillars now that it is called the RAP?

  2. Pure Desire Ministries


    The updated Recovery Action Plan (RAP) is attached here to the episode notes. It is not currently in the group material, but will be in the future.

  3. Jake Cottrill

    I found the link thank you! I am excited to see this implemented into the PD workbook soon! My recent group has had marked advantages in their recovery after working through this with them.

  4. John Fleming

    Jake, as a Conquer series /7 pillars/FMO group leader for a couple years, I would recommend you go through the RAP material as early on as possible, maybe during or after pillar 1. As a guy who’s life, marriage, and even career ( I am in recovery ministry with my wife full time) has been changed dramatically by going through this healing process with other men, I wish I had an RAP sooner. Literally after over 4 years since starting my recovery journey with conquer series and 7 pillars in my first group, I only just wrote mine up. I could be alot further along, but I suppose most of us could say that. πŸ™‚ Somehow I didn’t see the gravity of how important it is. My loved ones and others and I have been “paying” emotionally for my lack of consequences for a long time and I hope to own it now more than ever and see greater change and healing continue! I just led the guys i lead through it as well and it is a very very good thing for them too: single and married men.

  5. Robert Harrison

    I liked Nick’s comments regarding 3 lies when dealing with addiction and how to deal with them:
    1.) Nobody gets hurt – determine how does my behavior does hurt my relationships and what I need to do to repair those; Can’t expect to hurt someone without cost – counseling, sleep in another room, …
    2.) Nobody needs to know – decide who will know! Group, mentor, spouse
    3.) It’s no big deal – train my brain that this has a cost and is painful because it is a big deal. Counteract the lies you tend to listen to.
    I also appreciated Ashley’s comment that a betrayed spouse trusts “behavior” not words.
    Lastly, I like the comment to keep your Recovery Action Plan where you can review it often – remind yourself of the consequences and it can become a powerful deterrent in retraining your brain.

  6. Ben

    I’ve been through Conquer and 7 Pillars; I’ve led SI 101 for multiple groups and have led two 7P groups locally. In my experience, skipping the RAP until the end of Pillar 2 has proven the ideal spot. Any earlier, and it’s overwhelming and likely to be half-baked; any later postpones the members benefiting from compiling it.

    We take a week off of lessons to focus on compiling the RAP, and we include the “3 circles” with it as well. Works great!

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