1. Melissa Petersen

    May I ask why the Recovery Action plan is not well explained in the Seven Pillars workbook and included as an assignment with the help of the group leader?

    1. Avatar photo Ashley Jameson

      Thank you for your question, Melissa Petersen. The Seven Pillars workbook came out before the Recovery Action Plan. When we release an updated and revised version of Seven Pillars, you will find the Recovery Action Plan built into the weekly lessons. Thanks for listening!

  2. Jack Orsinger

    Hi Ashley! I started a Seven Pillars group in July. It looks like the Recovery Action Plan is still not incorporated in the workbook. You said on one of the podcasts that this should be covered at the beginning of the group. Should I reach out to my group leader to talk about devoting a session to this tool?

  3. ErnieAd01

    Hi Ashley Without the creation of an explicit written out recovery plan we are still in the dark as to what to do to get through the relapse and move on. Regardless of whether it’s in the workbook, the Seven Pillars schedule should include the development of this plan for each adherent and the requirement for each individual in the group to read what their plan is during a group meeting! I am enjoying the Seven Pillars Group and especially my partners in the group. We just need a more concise way to deal with relapse recovery so that the trend of these events proceeds to zero “0” occurrences. Thanks for all that you do!!

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