Stories Of Healing: Rich Moore

Episode 170 October 6, 2020


  1. Robert Harrison

    I appreciate the honesty and candor of Rich sharing his story. While it may never be easy for Rick or others to share their story, it helps listeners like to me appreciate the ministry at Pure Desire. I also appreciated Nick’s point that our broken behaviors (and often initial reason for seeking Pure Desire) is just one small component of the much bigger story of who we are. Plus, his point that we are human who are continually being formed (in process) in the image of Christ our entire life! We can either be aware of this process and continue to grow and change or we can grow complacent and merely accept “I am who I am”.

  2. Perry couvillion

    Hi rich.ive just heard a podcast of a potion of your past is similar and different.i am currently in a group in so cal,its good,but yeti misses the mark for people like us.has pure desire considered developing work books and other books to address this topics head on???. If you are I would be extremely interested and would like to help in any way. This is a huge topic and yet it is one of the most concealed areas of sexual addiction.this topic is now my main ministry,but its almost impossible to bring it out into a public light. I’m sure that your very busy.but if there is anything that I can help with please let me know.a phone call would be encouraging or even a text 17143765917 GOD bless

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