1. Michael Olger

    Thank you for this pod cast, I am leading a group of men through the Seven Pillars. Having some trouble getting the men to take the Faster Scale serious. I’m going to play this for them Thursday night. Thanks, keep sending us this great information.

  2. Greg Naker

    I’m just starting in a group and filling out my 2nd FASTER scale. This podcast was helpful in showing me the bigger picture and the ‘why’ behind this tool. An especially helpful concept was to understand that finding the true causes underlying my actions is not easy. If it were easy, I would have seen and changed them already. It will take my effort and faith in God working in my heart to reveal my true motives as he promises in Hebrews 4:12. “The sword of the Spirit is able to divide between the thoughts and intentions of my heart.”

  3. Kevin L

    I can’t find this podcast on the Fasterscale I need help on finding it

  4. Terry Smith

    Link from the “What’s New at Pure Desire” apparently is broken or pointed to the wrong place.

  5. Terry Smith

    Link from the “What’s New at Pure Desire” apparently is broken or pointed to the wrong place.

  6. Pure Desire Ministries

    Sorry for the confusion and lack of a working link. It should be all up and fixed now!

  7. Randy Westover

    This PODCAST is a MUST LISTEN! It’s critical when starting a new group. EVERYONE new to the groups MUST listen to this!!!

    Without a basic understanding of this tool, the FASTER scale is confusing, tedious and even a boring weekly ritual. But after listening to this explanation of the FASTER scale and how to use it, you will see why we do the things we do that lead us to relapse.

    Invest in yourself and take the 30 minutes. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

  8. bwood

    Hello and thank you for this program, I am in my third week here in Reno NV. I love your podcasts and your honesty, I have listened to all the ones recommended in the workbook and now I am going through all of them , starting at 001. I have a question I hope you can answer, pornographic images pop into my head ever now and then, and that stars me down the FASTER scale. How do these images fit into the FASTER scale? What do I call them? Hopefully you can answer this, thanks.

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