The Female Addict & Unraveled

Episode 172 October 20, 2020



    I was so Happy to hear Ashley mention it was okay if the other person didn’t go deep. The healthier one understood why. This is so important on so many levels. I emphasize to men the need to focus on themselves and what they need. In the meantime realize your wife is probably not okay and it is up to God to show Her that while you pray for her and for the Lord to bring you closer together through loving your wife as Christ loves the church. I also loved the attention given to where ones identity comes from. That is such a deceptive thing that leads in so many unhealthy areas. There is so much more, I could go on and on. I have been leading a group for many years now. I was less than 2 weeks from marrying another woman when God showed me who I really was. That is when my journey began and what a journey it has been and still is, PRAISE GOD!! I am thankful for all the resources for women and for the Sexual Purity 101 for men and women together. Thank You, the material works as long as, as one of you said on this podcast, the person really has to want to change.

  2. Robert Harrison

    As always, the conversation between Trevor, Nick and Ashley is excellent. As a guy, I initially thought this podcast may not apply to me, but the information deals with so much more than just a woman’s group/course that I found most of the topics and conversation to be just as informative and enlightening to me. Key takeaways for me: If you can find the areas in your life where there is shame/guilt, there is probably some level of brokenness that needs to be unpacked and healed; We often find our sense of identity or belonging through relationship – this isn’t healthy/successful unless the ultimate relationship that we seek is Jesus Christ; lastly, If you can use sexual brokenness as an excuse to get into this group (kind of a joke), you’ll be glad you did because the group is about so much more than just sex. This class deals with the deeper issues that you know you have but never had the tools/handles to deal with them.

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