1. David Warner

    Hi guys (with the Pure Desire podcast). I am relatively new to Pure Desire. I’m in a 7 pillars group. I am devouring your podcast – up to 55 or so. I listened to the Theology of addiction podcast and was left wanting more. It touched on a lot of good things but didn’t seem to really dive into God’s word to the extent I would love to see. I have some more thoughts I would like to share in an e-mail format – but doing this isn’t obvious – and when you give instruction for contacting you it is always while I am driving in the car and can’t get a pen to paper… I hope for more help in this. Sincerely, David.

    1. Avatar photo Trevor Winsor

      Tell us more, David. Email [email protected]!

  2. Bigmike101

    Thank you this has helped me to understand more of what I am dealing with, I’m new to this and the group I’m in and what you all talked about gives me hope. Thanks again.

    1. Avatar photo Trevor Winsor

      That’s so great to hear! Thanks for sharing!

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