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  1. Robert Harrison

    Great podcast. Below were some of my takeaways from today’s podcast:
    1. Gratitude is often an antidote to pain
    2. C2C – what is the primary thing I need to do this week to avoid going lower on the FS
    3. Phone calls are a lifeline – not a punishment – break the isolation
    4. Isolation is the enemy’s tactic
    5. Reach out to your good question askers and good question askers.
    6. It can be quite empowering when we don’t choose our circumstances but still rise above it and become the best version of ourselves. Love this idea!
    7. Live life off of my values, not my emotions.
    8. Element of the future of your life where you will or may experience feelings of betrayal – if we don’t find healing here, it’s going to stick around. Your wounds will get “bumped into” by other aspects of your life and if you don’t heal them they are going to hurt and produce responses that are disproportionate to the seemingly unrelated event that triggered them.
    9. Illustration of a car accident – may have not been the driver, but you can still get hurt and have wounds that need to be addressed – like a limp or a wound or other things that need to be worked on and recover.
    10. C2C – It’s not a grading system, it’s a learning system about how I’m wired, how I think, how I relate to others, my expectations, …
    11. C2C- Goal is to learn and grow and recover not “perform my way into health”.
    12. Using these tools together is what builds new neural pathways which leads to permanent change.
    a. Otherwise, behavior modification will only work for so long.
    13. The phraseology could be changed from “commitment to change” to “commitment to growth”.

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